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Are you SICK of sweating your butt off without seeing progress?⁣

You know those workout programs that are popular right now? The ones where you get super sweaty and exhausted, but you don't see much of a difference in your body.⁣


⁣I'm talking about Beach Body, Cardio Dance, Camp Gladiator, and workouts that have you do 'as many rounds as possible' in 20-30 minutes.⁣


Those workouts focus on conditioning (moderate, sometimes intense cardio). You will get sweaty and your body will release 'feel good' endorphins.⁣ You may lose some weight. but beyond a certain point you won't see much change.


There is no strategic, progressive plan to those workouts. You may lift a few dumbbells, but usually a bunch of unrelated exercises get thrown together.


If you are doing those workouts, it is VERY likely you workouts aren't as effective as they could be.

What should I do Instead?

The physique you want? The main reason you're working out? The 'toned' appearance? That isn't achieved through those workouts.⁣


⁣There is no such thing as 'toned'. What you need is more muscle. You don't 'tone' your muscles. You build muscle.⁣


⁣Building muscle requires STRENGTH training. It requires a progressive plan. Strength training workouts don't involve aimless pushups, lunges and crunches ALL in the same day.⁣

⁣No one likes to waste time.


If you are going to work out, you should do something that ACTUALLY makes a difference. Something that pushes you past 'plateaus.'⁣

Those are the types of workouts I design.


Workouts that BUILD muscle.⁣ 


I can help you change your life and your workouts for the better.



My 6 week Strong @ Home training program involves strategic workouts. When you do these workouts, you make changes in your strength and your physique.


You will be doing a ‘split’. This means you train different muscle groups on different days. ⁣Split workouts, rather than full body workouts, give your muscles time to recover and grow.


Every workout in the program is different. Certain exercises repeat each week,  so you can progressively work on increasing your strength.


What's Included: 

  • 6 weeks of at home strength training workouts, including 5 different workouts each week. (You can do 4 workouts per week instead, if desired)

  • Strength training ‘split’ that only requires 2-3 sets of Dumbbells (minimum) and a chair/bench

  • Beginner Macronutrient guidelines

  • A 59 page e-book with everything you need to know to get started!


Cost: $40 (That is a steal!)
Click the paypal link below to purchase the program! The program will be emailed to you within 24 hours. If your email is different from the one you pay with on paypal, please email me at

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